CLC PLC Lift Control System

CLC stands for ’’Compact Lift Controller’’. It is fully developed and designed by our Research and Development Engineers based on the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology. CLC is a cost effective Lift Controller specially for lift installations in residential buildings, the product uses a PLC hardware that is imported either from Korea (LS) PLC-L which serves 6 story collective selective or Vigor PLC-V serves 8 storey collective selective. The unique software which is built for this controller by PALCO’s engineers had proven its powerfulness among many other PLC-based lift controllers.

CLC Functions and Features:

  • Compact size (Enclosure size 70x50x20 cm).
  • LED monitoring of essential signals; such as Safeties, Shaft signals.
  • Built in 8 stops Simple Collective.
  • On Site Customization and Programming.
  • Supports Hydraulic, and electric motors.
  • Supports two speed and 3VF.
  • Door Close and Door Open control.
  • Response to photocells and safety edge signal.
  • Automatic car parking (Carriage) at any selected floor after preprogrammed time.
  • Car parking with door normally opened or normally closed according to Pre-programmed parameter.
  • Overload control.
  • Fireman Control.
  • Hardware and software motor protection.
  • Motor overheat detection (Thermistor).
  • Self-correction in case of abnormal conditions.
  • Door motor protection timer.
  • Slow leveling when the car stops between floors or out of level.
  • Two car doors support.
  • Opto-isolated inputs.
  • Contactor feedback control.
  • Permission to start control.
  • Phase Failure and Reversal Control.