Fire Arms Range Intelligent System (FARIS)

Fire arms' training for military personnel is out of question for any army in the world. The need is to build shooting field where the targets are simply shaped plastic pieces that would be easily replaced after being torn out, and the position of every shot bullet is displayed on two screens; one next to the shooter and the other in the supervisory & control room in the same field. The displayed shots are not necessarily those which were hitting the target itself, but even those which are in the vicinity of the target to give the shooter the means to adjust his weapon accordingly.

Not only that, the system should be able to diagnose indirect hits (ricochets) and crossfire, which happens when one shooter mistakenly fire not on his own target but on an adjacent one.

The operator in the supervisory & control room, utilizing a PC and two large screens, is able of controlling the whole field; that by enabling or disabling the targets at three different distances from the shooters' position (100, 200 & 300 meters), raising or lowering every target individually, perform overall test to allocate any system malfunctioning and provide print out of each shooter's scores. The operator also is able of communicating with each shooter utilizing a public address system.

Palestine Industrial Est. (PALCO Control), had built a complete Electronic Fire Arms Training Field from A to Z including all hardware & software needed; For example, all electronic boards utilizing the cutting - edge technology in Microcontrollers & FPGA electronics, also the Operation Software and the Target Mechanism.

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