Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (PLC)

Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is a public shareholding limited company, founded in 1949. Its current capital is JOD 75 million. The Company aims at mining and processing phosphate ore in Jordan.

The activities of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company can be classified under two complementary sectors: mining sector and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing sector. Through the integration of both sectors, the company has firmly proven its capabilities in the international markets.

The company operates its production activities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which has the fifth largest reserve of phosphate in the world, equaling 3.7 billion tons, 1.25 billion tons of which are the reserves of the company’s mines.  That made Jordan Phosphate Mines Company to be the second largest exporter, and sixth largest producer of phosphate in the world, with production capacity exceeding 7 million tons of phosphate annually.