Our Team

Eng. Wael Al-Sajdi
General Manager

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering – Alexandria Univeraity (1955)

Eng. Radwan Abu Tubbaneh
Deputy General Manager

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering - Yarmouk University (1987).

Responsible for Technical and Operations Management of the company and the designer of U.I.C.

Eng. Ammar Al-Sajdi

B.Sc. in Electrical & Computer Engineering - University of Illinois (1985).

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering - University of Jordan (1990).

Eng. Essa Esau
Responsible for PLC based lift control system

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering - University of Jordan (1987)

Eng. Muath Al-Hiari
Automation Engineer

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering - University of Jordan (2006)

Eng. Saif Al-Manaseer
Automation Engineer

B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering - Hashemite University (2011)

Eng. Ahmad Darweesh
Control and Communication Engineer

B.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering - Isra University (2015).

Thaer Abu Tuaimeh
Head of Accounting and Administration Section

B.Sc. in Accounting – University of Jordan (2004)