UIC Lift Control System

The Universal Intelligent Controller (UIC®) is CE Marked Lift controller was fully designed and developed by our Research and Development engineers, based on the cutting edge microcontroller technology. Its ease of commissioning and maintenance makes it suitable for new installation; its versatility is further extended by offering the means to customize the lift according to site requirement. Additionally, its ease of wiring makes it perfect for modernization of existing installation. This product is aimed at obtaining the best performance without compromising the most demanding safety requirements under the most stringent circumstances. The System has been installed in various regions since 1998 and has proved to sustain its functionality in the most hostile site environments under extreme heat and humidity.


UIC® Functions and Features:

  • Based on Microcontroller Technology.
  • Built in 8 stops Full Collective Selective or 12 Stops Down Collective expandable to 16 stops Full Collective Selective, 24 Stops Down Collective.
  • On Site Customization and programming.
  • Supports Hydraulic, and electric motors
  • Supports two speed and 3VF.
  • Drive time supervision.
  • Door Close and Door Open Control.
  • Priority Key (Attendant).
  • Door reopening in case of failure.
  • Response to photocells and safety edge signal.
  • Automatic car parking (Carriage) at any selected floor after preprogrammed time.
  • Car parking with door normally opened or normally closed according to preprogrammed parameter.
  • Overload control.
  • Full load control.
  • Fireman drive control.
  • Additional car light and fan drive.
  • Hardware and software motor protection.
  • Motor overheat detection (Thermistor).
  • Real time fault detection.
  • Intelligent fault recovery.
  • On board inspection.
  • On board buttons for testing the shaft limit switches and the flight time.
  • Self-correction in case of abnormal conditions.
  • Coded fault priorities.
  • Superior noise immunity.
  • On board fault diagnostics.
  • Four 7-segment displays to monitor car position, faults and system status display.
  • Slow / Fast speed protection timer.
  • Door motor protection timer.
  • Position and direction indicator.
  • On board LED status indication for the important input and output.
  • Door open and door close buttons.
  • Slow leveling when the car stops between floors or out of level.
  • Short circuit detection.
  • Over current protection for Output Signals.
  • Two car door support.
  • Opto-isolated inputs


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