Updating of Water Supply System Existing Control System

Jordan Phosphate Mines Company - JPMC
The system is water supply system for JPMC at Al Sheedia Mines, it consists of twenty one wells, one deep well, water reservoirs and two pumping stations, which are connected and exchange data between each other over Radio telemetry system and controlled by PLC/SCADA system.
Complete design, programming, configuration, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning, start-up, training and documentation of the entire PLC/SCADA and communication systems.
The SCADA system provided with a main Control Center and a Secondary Monitoring Center have a wide range of data such as water flow, available resources, energy consumption, failures, etc… , stored for its further analysis. The Control and Monitoring Centers provided overall control and monitoring for the Water Wells and Pumping Stations.
The distances between main Control Center and the other stations ranges from 2.6 Km up to 23.5 Km.